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Solution Partners

We integrate innovative conferencing & collaboration solutions from the world's leading technology partners that are reliable, robust, simple and easy to use.


AudioCodes is a reputable brand specializing in advanced voice networking and media processing solutions. They are known for their innovative products and technologies that enable the seamless integration of voice, data, and video into various communication systems.



Aver Video Conferencing has built a strong reputation for its unwavering reliability and user-friendly interface, positioning it as an invaluable asset for businesses and organizations seeking seamless connectivity between dispersed teams and clients. By facilitating efficient and fruitful virtual meetings and collaborations, Aver Video Conferencing empowers organizations to thrive in today's dynamic and interconnected world.



Barco Clickshare is the #1 leading provider in wireless conferencing, presentation and meeting collaboration. Share content wirelessly, securely from any device with 1 click. No cables, no hassle. Learn more about how LIONWARE can help integrate these solutions into your existing meeting rooms.



Bose is a renowned American audio equipment manufacturer known for its high-quality audio products. They have catered to a wide range of consumers, from casual music listeners to professionals in various industries. Their products are known for their sleek and modern designs, user-friendly interfaces, and a dedication to providing immersive audio experiences.



Cisco video conferencing includes high-definition cameras, codecs, collaboration endpoints, and platforms like Cisco Webex. These tools integrate screen sharing, document sharing, chat, and whiteboarding for effective communication and collaboration.



EPOS is a well-known brand in the audio and video conferencing industry, specializing in high-quality audio solutions. While they do not produce video conferencing software themselves, EPOS offers a range of premium audio products such as headsets, microphones, and speakerphones that enhance the video conferencing experience.



Ergotron uses movement to remove constraints from how people create, collaborate and work with technology. With a focus on healthcare, education, general office and custom solutions, we rely on ergonomic principles and user-centered designs to build kinetic work environments that help people thrive.



Jabra is a renowned brand in the audio and communication technology industry, offering a range of products and solutions for video conferencing. Jabra video conferencing solutions typically include high-quality audio and video equipment designed to enhance communication and collaboration in virtual meetings.



Logitech video conferencing solutions refer to a range of hardware and software products designed to enhance and streamline virtual meetings and video conferencing experiences. These solutions typically include high-quality webcams, conference room cameras, microphones, speakers, and collaboration software.



MAXHUB is a technology company that specializes in developing innovative collaboration and communication solutions for businesses and organizations. Their product line includes interactive displays, video conferencing systems, and smart meeting room solutions. MAXHUB's interactive displays are designed to enhance productivity and engagement during meetings, presentations, and collaborative work by providing touch-screen capabilities, high-definition displays, and integrated software for digital whiteboarding and content sharing.



Meetio offers innovative solutions for workplace management and meeting room booking. Their software and hardware products optimize office spaces, streamline bookings, and enhance workplace efficiency. With digital signage, room booking displays, and scheduling software, organizations can effectively manage resources and provide a better meeting experience for employees.



Neat Video Conferencing is a user-friendly platform for virtual meetings and collaboration. It offers high-quality video and audio calls, screen sharing, chat messaging, and collaboration tools like document sharing and whiteboarding. Known for its reliability and compatibility with various devices and platforms, it's a popular choice for effective virtual communication.



Poly, formerly known as Polycom, specializes in audio and video communication solutions. They offer a range of video conferencing products and services, including hardware such as cameras, audio equipment, and room systems, as well as software applications for video calls and conferences..



ScreenBeam is a wireless display technology that streams and displays content from devices onto larger screens without cables. It uses Wi-Fi to establish a wireless link between the source device and the display, enabling convenient screen mirroring and presentations in various settings.

Shure Ecosystem-


This ecosystem encompasses a variety of professional and consumer audio equipment designed to provide high-quality sound, reliable performance, and seamless integration. Shure's ecosystem includes microphones, headphones, wireless systems, in-ear monitors, conferencing solutions, and related accessories, all designed to cater to the needs of musicians, audio engineers, content creators, businesses, and everyday users.



Yealink provides communication and collaboration technology, specializing in high-quality video conferencing solutions for businesses of all sizes. These solutions include video cameras, audio devices, conference room equipment, and seamless video conferencing software.

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At Lionware, we design and install innovative, user-friendly meeting room and conferencing room solutions - from small huddle rooms to large boardrooms and breakout areas. 

Whether you are looking to install or upgrade your existing Microsoft Teams Room, Zoom Room, Google Meet, or any other video conferencing application, we have solutions to fit your requirements. Contact us to learn more about solutions for:

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