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Barco Clickshare wireless collaboration room system delivers the ultimate collaboration experience in just one click. Open your laptop to start a meeting and connect team members in the office with remote participants in just a matter of seconds. No cables, control panels or passwords needed. Just meaningful hybrid collaboration and increased productivity.

Barco ClickShare Wireless Conferencing System

For your business, Barco offers versatile virtual solutions. Hybrid refers to productive collaboration across coworkers, departments, sites, and external stakeholders as well as a balanced blend of on-site and remote work. As a result, you can benefit from effective workflows for yourself and simple peer collaboration.

  • Full remote device control.
  • Intuitive and easy to use.
  • Fast collaboration.

ClickShare Wireless Collaboration Products

Barco Click Share CX-20

Barco ClickShare CX-20

Wireless conferencing with just one click is made possible by ClickShare CX-20. Starting hybrid huddle meetings from your device is simpler than ever. You may start a hybrid huddle meeting from your laptop using your choice conference tool in less than seven seconds with our agnostic wireless room technology.
Barco Click Share CX-30

Barco ClickShare CX-30

Wireless conferencing with just one click is made possible by ClickShare CX-30. You may start a hybrid meeting from your laptop using any conferencing tool to enjoy smooth Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) experiences thanks to our agnostic wireless room solution.
Barco Click Share CX-50

Barco ClickShare CX-50

Superior, seamless one-click wireless conferencing is offered by ClickShare CX-50. You may start a hybrid meeting from your laptop using any conferencing tool with our wireless, platform-neutral room solution. No mess, no cords. No matter where they are, everyone is seen and heard.

Logitech Room Solutions with Barco ClickShare Conferencing System

The wireless video conferencing solutions from Barco and Logitech link your teams and improve workplace effectiveness, productivity, and interaction. Together, Barco and Logitech raise the bar for video conferencing and establish new benchmarks, making hybrid meetings truly inclusive and enabling true Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) cooperation.

Bring your own meeting and choose how to work in a small, medium, or large space. sharing with the ClickShare Collaboration App and Conferencing Button (on a computer, a Mac, or a mobile device). Even individuals who are near to the camera can be seen. Clear, directional audio with minimal noise and echo lets you hear everyone.

Logitech and Barco

Small Rooms

All-in-One ConferenceCam with 120° field of view and integrated audio, perfect for small conference and huddle rooms. See everyone, even those close to the camera. Hear everyone with clear directional audio with reduced noise and echo. Compact design minimizes cabling and clutter.


Medium Rooms

Premium Ultra-HD conferencecam system with automatic camera control for mid-size rooms.  RightLight with WDR shows participants in flattering light, even in dim or backlit conditions.  Front-mounting speaker and tabletop mic pod with RightSound for directional audio with reduced noise and echo.  Premium components and sleek industrial design.


Large Rooms

Ultra-HD conferencecam system for larger rooms.  Adds a second speaker and second mic pod for expanded coverage.  Adds a Rally Mic Pod Hub for under-table cable routing.  Optionally expand up to 7 mic pods for larger rooms. Multiple mounting and cabling accessories available.

Jabra x Barco

Partner Spotlight: Jabra Room Solutions with Barco ClickShare Conferencing System

With the ClickShare Conference platform from Barco, Jabra PanaCast and Speak certified interoperability offers simple-to-use, all-inclusive solutions for video conferencing and team meetings. This effective combination enables Jabra with ClickShare Conference's one-touch room join capabilities so that everyone is included, conveniently in view, and audibly heard. 

  • Plug & play: Easy to install and smooth setup
  • Flexible and fully agnostic
  • Made for conference rooms of any size

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